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  (logo) Hawkeye Services, writers, editors, publishers, graphic designers, marketing support, logos, brochures, newsletters, advertising, web sites, creative services, corporate image programs, Ohio
Professional Writer, Copywriter:   Don Calderwood
Professional Graphic Designer and Illustrator:  Kristen E. Stuart

 Client Support Services:  Company & Organization Materials Production

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Over 25 Years

This page is:   WEBSITE SERVICES

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Website design, writing and content, editing, managing, maintenance, redesign - from obtaining a URL to long term management and updating. "Hands on" services.


SEO copywriting



PLEASE NOTE THAT we are making some small positive changes...



Search Engine Optimization



Professional Internet Marketer


Don Calderwood


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Website designer forAmerican Molded Plastic, logo


Headstone Saddles, Sure-Fit Planters, Custom Injection Molding, Barrier Delineators

"I'm real happy since you redid my website geared to search engines - many inquiries and sales  ever since. You came highly recommended, and I sure know why. Thanks! 
- - Ray Allen, President, American Molded Plastic, Inc., Newton Falls, Ohio


"You were able to immediately place us on Google's first page
* with your ideas and help us get better placement on all the major search engines. Your work was precise, concise, and very effective." 
- - Bill Truax, President, Truefield Enterprises, Inc., Chagrin Falls, Ohio


dot com image, web designer for diverse clientsOffset System Services Corp.

11 year client; not a current client

"It took a while but I made the biggest sale in the company's history from an inquiry that came from them finding my website on the internet. In the course of our work over the years, we expanded our market to include Mexico and Canada, and we have customers now in both areas. Thanks for your expert work."

Website now located there is not the one commented upon
- - Colin Stuart, President, Offset System Service Corp., Harvard, Illinois




Professional Association, Local Chapter, Cleveland

ASIS Cleveland Chapter "Website of the Year" SEVEN FIRST PLACE Awards
by ASIS International, Group V.    Webmaster, Don Calderwood, Hawkeye Services

Website designer for ASIS Cleveland, logo
2006 Website of the Year Award
2007 Website of the Year Award
2009 Website of the Year Award
2011 Website of the Year Award
2012 Website of the Year Award
2013 Website of the Year Award
2014 Website of the Year Award

ASIS Cleveland, 1st Place"It is obvious that your hard work, diligence, and perseverance has paid off in helping us...
Most importantly, and with great pride, we've just been awarded "Website of the Year..."
- - Ray Hewitt, Chair, ASIS International, Cleveland Chapter, Cleveland, Ohio


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*BIG NOTE:  Many, many factors go into obtaining a
high position in any search engine, and can in no way be  guaranteed or assured.


As complete website services to you progress over the years,
however, you'll look back and say,
"I'm glad my websites are with Hawkeye Services...

 Hosted, designed, developed, maintained, and powered by...

Full Service:  Web designer, hosting, build, manage, maintain, upgrade - Hawkeye Services, Cleveland, Ohio


  I offer COMPLETE, comprehensive, "hands on" services, from intelligent selection of your domain name and obtaining it, server setup with all emails and features, through multiple development phases and the progression of your customized website(s). I work closely with you from the very start and keep the pace with you for the long haul. A to Z, I provide SERVICE. Hosting and full service as web designer, hosting, build, manage, maintain, upgrade

  • Web Hosting, Websites - Turnkey Services

  • Website Design & Build- design, layout, navigation, content, writing, graphic images - using one source delivers many benefits

  • Website Search Engine Registration after optimization - you "appear"

  • Website Maintenance - keeps you up to date

  • Website Management - maximum impact, extended across the WWW to manage where you are listed, how you are listed, and hyperlinked.

  • Website Marketing - providing and advising on how to get maximum benefit and exposure and visitations by prospects and customers

  • Webmaster Services - creative use of many web and electronic features

Experienced and proven SEO - Search Engine Optimization Services
Online "presence" management,
from page and site optimization to search engine registration.

Put PayPal on your website.

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 Web designer for diverse clientsKey features and key benefits of choosing
 Hawkeye Services 
professional website designer & search engine optimizer

One source for ALL web services, hosting through maintenance. One source, one "author" as a "hands on" manager, provides continuity and integration of design and content and navigation

Experienced web services combined with marketing expertise to both prospects and customers is just the right combination - two feet planted firmly in both worlds


Integrate your existing marketing functions expertly with your web presence. As an extension of your corporate, company, or organizational identity, we translate your identity into a new electronic representation


Web hosting nationally -  top, award-winning host services with 99.99% "up time." Solid platforms deliver stellar performance and real stability.  


Basic sites to mega-sites, 5 pages to a hundred or more, as needed, as applicable

All features are available to you depending upon server selection, and additional packages can be added, as needed, providing flexibility and the accommodation of your changing or evolving needs


Hosting packages are competitive to all national, legitimate web hosting companies


Domain name registration at cost and without markup, and with appropriate pointers, as needed


Design, development, publishing, marketing, integration, maintenance, coupled with responsive and experienced service


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For more INFORMATION please inquire:   Contact Me  Thank you.



Sample of some websites designed and developed and actively managed by Hawkeye Services

NOTE:  Click on a logo or hyperlink; each website opens in a new browser window


Professional Graphic Design & Illustration
Kristen Stuart


 Hosting website Lodestar Visions




Precision Products of K&B Enterprizes, LLC, Manufacturer

Guardian Oil Protector websiteWebsite designer for K & B, logo

High Quality Precision Machined Locking Oil Caps
for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Precision CNC Machined


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Diversified Electronic Systems Supplier
Telephone Systems - Security - LAN/WAN Computer Networks

Website designer for Greystone Systems, Inc., logo



Larry Schuck, C.P.P., C.S.C., LaMar Security Consulting


"Before going with you I had a website up with...(another provider) for almost two years. In all that time I think I might have had one inquiry. With the new website you designed I've had two solid inquiries in the first month! And now I show up in search engines and on the first page in some. I'm happy! First class. I've greatly appreciated your services.
Thanks Don!"  - - Larry Schuck, CPP  (Larry has retired; website closed)




Ray McNiece's Page to Stage Productions

Ray McNiece, Internationally Performing and Leading American Poet & Performer

Website designer for Ray McNiece's Page to Stage Productions, logo   

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A website and blog on wicked Erica
A beautiful but wicked stepmother...

"Thank you so much for all your help. The amount of time, effort, and dedication you have put into this blog says so much about you and your character as a person. I am so glad I decided to click on your webpage!" - - Erica

  [ While quite successful, the website and blog had to close for personal reasons and circumstances ]

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Full Service:  Web hosting, website designer, build, manage, maintain, upgrade - Hawkeye Services, Cleveland, Ohio

b FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

for prospective clients and a review for clients- click question to view answers

Q.  What types of websites do you provide?
Q.  What are the most critical aspects to deal with in a website?
Q.  Can you do flashy presentations, graphics that move and pop up, type that revolves, and features like those?
Q.  Can you make my logo spin? Website designer and website hosting on computers
Q.  How much is hosting alone? I'll do my own designs...
Q.  I copied a really good article from another website and...
Q.  I have a lot of ideas about how I want my website to look...
Q.  I have a website already, an existing site. Will you edit the copy on my web?

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Q.  What types of websites do you provide?
     We customize a website to the type of enterprise, and to that individual organization. Mostly these are commercial in orientation, businesses that are selling a product or service, and those that wish to serve their customers by putting information at their fingertips 24 hours a day. But whether this is a poet, an arts organization, a security company, printing company, a non-profit, a service company, a wholesaler, etc., it's entirely customized to that business and to that industry. We have successful experience with many different types of enterprises. We don't do very "personal" types of websites, political websites, and some others. Please inquire to discuss this further.
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Q. What are the most critical aspects to deal with in a website?
    There are two main and critical aspects, and then many secondary aspects that must be dealt with if the most usual objectives of having a website are to be realized. Most critical? 1. Solid, clear, consistent navigation. 2. Quality and sufficient content. 
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Q. Can you do flashy presentations, graphics that move and pop up, type that revolves, and features like those?
    We can do most things of this nature that are possible to do with a website, but generally we don't do them. Every study done for years indicates with great clarity that "flash" is distracting for the types of websites that we do. Visitors, serious and with a purpose for visiting a particular web, find these annoying, bothersome, irksome, and, more importantly, distracting. Many of these flash items are more appropriate, perhaps, to personal websites. If we do them or are convinced to use them for a particular purpose, we use these sparingly, like seasoning is to cooking - it's easy to use too much and, if you use too much, the dish greatly suffers. The resources necessary to expend to create these would be better served in providing quality content that meets the needs of visitors.
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Q.  Can you make my logo spin?
     Sure. And we can make it sit up and bark like a dog. But please don't ask. Please see the previous question and answer.
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Q. How much is hosting alone? I only want hosting and I'll do my own designs and website publishing. Maybe you could design and build my website, but then I'll take it from there, make additions, content changes, and so on. How much for hosting, and how much for design and build?
   I don't provide hosting alone - I'm not a hosting company, but a complete service provider that delivers the entire package of services that are needed for a successful website(s). I provide the complete services that are described in some detail at the top of this page. We don't do hosting alone, but we may refer you to a provider for hosting that can serve you well, depending. Please see the descriptions above that define and illustrate the complete services that we provide for on-going clients who want professional services for their business.
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Q. I copied a really good article from another website and I have a newspaper article that is just perfect to put on the website - when can you put these up on the website?
    As soon as you obtain permission from the owners of the articles who have copyright (ownership, copyright, the right to copy) in writing. While a website is electronic, it is publishing, and articles and graphics are protected by copyright and copyright law, as is material in print in a newspaper. Contact the copyright owner. Often a phone call will suffice to obtain permission, depending, and a sentence or two in an email giving you permission from the copyright owner is all that is needed. But because material appears on the web or in a newspaper or a magazine doesn't mean that it is free to copy or to use. Verbal permission is insufficient to protect you from violation.
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Q. I have a lot of ideas about how I want my website to look, and I have a lot of material I want to put on my web. Will you use these ideas and put all of this material on my website?
    The more ideas you have, the better. We want to hear them all, and in detail. Part of our service is to help make these items and features available and accessible to a visitor in a planned, designed, logical manner, so both you and the visitor are served. Part of our service is to advise on graphic and material content. Further, to have these appear within a consistent design that involves appropriate color, graphics, and type is our purpose, and probably yours, too, is the essence of what we do. If have material content that you have generated, produced, or written and you have copyright or copyright permission, we'll put them on the website within the context of the design and navigation. Excellent.
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Q. I have a website already, an existing site. Will you edit the copy on my web? Could you upgrade my website and then maintain it?
     Yes, but it depends, because there are two questions here. On occasion we have done copy editing only, and provided revised and edited copy - not actually performing web functions, but writing. If we have open time we'd be happy to do that after looking at the copy and the site. Generally websites that we work on and maintain, for the sake of efficiency, are hosted on our servers, and this is generally a requirement. Software and other processes must be compatible, and there are other issues that come into play. We'd be happy to explore these with you. Please inquire with us further.
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For more INFORMATION please inquire  Thank you.


Painesville - Lake County, Ohio - Midwest USA
(Cleveland East - Painesville, Mentor, and Concord Ohio areas)


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