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Pen; client letter on newsletters  Client Letter


"We are glad to endorse you, everyone mentions the newsletter to us all the time, how wonderful they are written and look. We love our newsletters. We are really glad to have you doing them. Thank you so much!"

-- Kev & Jeanne Lusson,
Kevs Body & Custom, Inc.,
Rice Lake (Brill), WI

Auto Body Shop

1000 printed newsletters quarterly

Letter on file


Pen; client letter on newsletters  Client Letter

"I am extremely proud that our newsletter has been recognized for the fine publication that it is, and I know that the entire membership shares this feeling with me. 

- Association president.

Letter on file


Newsletter readers



Pen; client letter on newsletters  Client Letter

"It was only through
your efforts that the newsletter is now a communications gem. It is said that the highest form of compliment is when your product is copied. We are seeing that, as other chambers and organizations begin using ideas from our newsletter."

- - R.E. Aufuldish, former President
of the Wickliffe Chamber of Commerce,
former County Commissioner of Lake County, Ohio

Letter on file

4 National Awards for Newsletters for Clients of Hawkeye Services


Pen; client letter on newsletters  Client Letter

"It is our pleasure to endorse your services to our company. The brochures, letterhead, and newsletters that you have produced for us exceeded any expectations that we had. We've had nothing but compliments on the quality and content of our brochure and newsletters."

- - G. Oesch, President,
21st Century Alarm/Data

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man reading NewsletterNewsletters Writer Services:  CUSTOM designer, newsletter writer, editing, copywriting, illustration, production


NEWSLETTER writers & producers

Customer newsletters - Company newsletters - Organization newsletters
Association newsletters - In-house newsletters in PRINT, ONLY.




  Newsletter writer? Skill necessary...

Kev's newsletter sample


" of the best overall mediums to help an organization meet multiple objectives is a regular, well done, newsletter."



VERY Important Note:  I do NOT provide "s t o c k" or "c a n n e d" newsletters, ones with complete, pre-written copy and articles and images that you place your name on and mail out. All work is custom work - custom design and writing and images, from A to Z. 


     Prior to my name change to Hawkeye Services, my company name for 11 years was Newsletter Communications & Management Services Company (that's a mouthful to say every time you pick up the phone, trust me). Newsletters were my prime focus for many years, a specialty, and in many senses this remains central to what I do. What does this tell you? It is probably safe to say that I have produced more newsletters than most people have ever even read in their entire lives. I've produced some excellent newsletters, and I have learned from every mistake  made - the learning curve. I've been down it. Who benefits from this experience? My clients. A well done newsletter helps an organization meet multiple objectives and in ways that almost no other medium can.

     Most likely you are here and reading this because you have an interest in putting a newsletter to work for you. There are only several key questions that you have to answer, and only you can answer them.

    Why produce a newsletter geared to your customers or members of whatever group?

    Why  should you work with an outside writer, designer, and editor for your newsletter?
    Why should you choose to work closely with Hawkeye Services for newsletter services?

    Why should you begin a newsletter now?

     Those are the beginning questions for which you should seek answers, and some answers should appear here. Please explore these, and feel free to contact me. We're here to help you every step of the way.

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Electronic Newsletters

     Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact
I do not write or produce electronic newsletters, or what are called newsletters. Most people call these spam. If you want to do your own electronic newsletter or survey, I recommend Constant Contact. However, the other popular services are probably as good. For information on this or to try it free, click the image at left. I have used Constant Contact, as one example, to produce and distribute electronic and email newsletters to client groups, as well as for surveys and polls, with very mixed results that are mostly negative. However, after extensive study and experience, I don't favor electronic newsletters as they are not anywhere near as effective as print. My opinion, Yes, really. For a full discussion of email newsletters and print newsletters, please discuss with me. I do produce full page and multi-page PDF newsletters, however, but a different thing than what is meant here.  


Newsletter Objectives

A newsletter starts with objectives - a newsletter, simply to have a newsletter, should not be an end in itself. What do you want to accomplish with your newsletter? The answer to that question is central because that is where you begin - that is where you start. While newsletters are effective for most all types of organizations, from manufacturers to distributors to associations and beyond, here are some examples of objectives a newsletter can help meet. This example might be for a sales company, so apply the ideas creatively to your organization if it is not. [ Back to page top & navigation

An effective newsletter helps you to meet objectives in myriad ways. What are the objectives?

Communicate. You already know the reasons to do this. A newsletter is the perfect vehicle for periodic communication. Regular communication pays.

Build a more positive image for your company, products, and services - newsletters help this happen..   

Keep your name in front of customers and selected prospects. A newsletter exceeds many other forms for doing just this.

Score new referrals and leads.

Develop interest in add-ons, upgrades, added services and products, new products or services. Stories, examples, illustrations - perfect in a newsletter. Perfect.

Communicate changes to your customers and influence changes.- give life and rationales to policies. 

Spotlight and positively introduce people from your company, highlighting them in your newsletter. People. Many benefits here.  

Introduce new ideas, new applications, and new methods, or show how to use these in your newsletters.

Remind them of all your products or services; memories are short. Cross selling.

Gain an edge over competitors. A well written, well designed newsletter helps do just that.

Show customers how to get the most from your services and people. Reinforce benefits and features, and retention of customers as an objective for your newsletters is prime benefit. If increasing customer retention is important, your newsletter should help.

Solve recurring problems in your customers use of your services, prevent them, or deal with them effectively. Stop unproductive inquiries, nuisance calls, by constantly communicating what customers need to know.

Add to your selling arsenal. A newsletter is a versatile tool.

Give a boost to the many different facets of your organization.

Create and manage an atmosphere where others help you succeed. You set the stage in your newsletter.

Provide recognition of the people in your organization by featuring them in your newsletter, and the good work they do. 

     Your investment in an exceptional newsletter provides you with unparalleled influence on your business objectives.

     Please contact me me to help you achieve these or similar objectives by using newsletters effectively. For more information on newsletters,
please inquire:  Thank you. [ Back to page top & navigation

Newsletter TIPS

TIP:  A newsletter is not a sales flyer. Don't try to make it one. Produce a sales flyer if that is all that you can see for an objective. A newsletter is not a direct solicitation for business or for sales. Not direct.

TIP:  DO NOT begin a newsletter to a group and then change your mind and stop after several issues. The negative backlash will hurt you, whether you realize it or not. "Are they in trouble?" Etc. The big benefit is the cumulative result of regular communication over time. Make a commitment or don't do even one - not even one.

TIP:  Graphic images and content must match, blend, complement - not clash or  fight, not take away from each other, but add to one another, to make it more than it would have been otherwise. That's the point.

TIP:  A newsletter is not a newspaper - oddly, perhaps, there is often very little that is "news" to many readers. It is not enough to explain. It is not enough to tell or inform. It is not enough to hope that results will just happen if that is what you do. Each item in a well-designed newsletter has a purpose, and if these items or features are not tied and geared closely to objectives and to purposes, what is the point? What is the payoff in that? Gear features to payoffs. Like a machine, no unnecessary parts.
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Services of the writers and designers of Hawkeye Services

Design newsletters:  we can design your newsletter with you, and create a custom template geared closely to your company, corporate, or organizational identity. Match.

Plan newsletters:  a good, effective newsletter helps you meet your objectives, and solid planning of your newsletter or newsletters is a key component in newsletter success.

Write newsletters:  the most effective newsletter or newsletters are characterized by voice. The writing "speaks" to you, gets through, and is clear, easy to read. with a good tone.

Edit newsletters:  for the material that you write and provide for your newsletter, we can and may edit to create flow, balanced tone, or for grammar or style.

Publish and manage newsletters:  we can and may produce newsletters for email distribution or for print. 

How may we help you? 

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