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Professional Writer, Copywriter:   Don Calderwood
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HUGE Projects?

Copywriter, pen 
Client Letter

 "It is my pleasure to recommend your services to any prospective client, enthusiastically. Your dedication to the enormous task of converting our standards (over 1200 pages with hundreds of graphs and drawings) is much appreciated. Every day the results of your efforts are in use and are providing ease of use... Thank you again for your efforts. I am very satisfied with what you accomplished for us."   

- - John D. Hogan, former Chief,
Staff Engineering,
East Ohio Gas Company

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Jessica Calderwood   On Freedom of Speech
Kramer Printing   Info on Copyright
    Short Stories


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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


?  Whom do you serve?

a mix of national, regional, and local organizations and companies, mostly small or medium sized. a wide range of clients and business models:  industrial, commercial, retail, service:

  • Sales and Service Companies, Dealers

  • Manufacturers, Distributors, Mfrs. Reps

  • Construction

  • Security Companies

  • Associations, Non-profits and For Profits

  • Government and Institutions 

  • Social Agencies

  • Public Utilities

  • Publishers, Agencies

  • Professionals

  • Writers, Poets, Graphic Artists

  • NEW Companies

Versatile. Broadly experienced.  Please inquire.


?  What size or scope of projects will you undertake?


     I manage and work on most all projects of any size. I include the services of  a professional graphic designer and illustrator as a consultant or co-producer on most jobs. When you fuse  crisp and clear  copywriting with just the right  design you add great power to the message, to the work itself, to the impact it makes. I expand capabilities when others are needed, or for large projects involving much writing and deadlines. I call upon other experienced, professional, freelance copywriters, printers, specialty printers, etc., ones that I know and have experience with, when needed. Regardless, I manage the entire process.


?   Are there great quotes that you follow that describe solid writing?


"Vigorous writing is concise. A sentence should contain no unnecessary words for the same reason that a machine should have no unnecessary parts."   - - William Strunk, Jr. 


Hawkeye Services name?

?   What was the basis of choosing the company name, using Hawkeye? And is this from the TV show, Mash, with Hawkeye Pierce?


"While I like Mash and Hawkeye Pierce, no. For me, first the word Hawkeye comes from hawks which have extremely keen vision, four times what human beings have. The Hawkeye I had in mind was Hawkeye from the book Last of the Mohicans, by James Fenimore Cooper. The character, Hawkeye, in the 1800's, with a long rifle was a crack shot. He just didn't miss. Sharp. Proficient. Expert marksman. Always on the mark."



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Full range of affordable pest control solutions...
NEO Pest Control, LLC, dba

lake erie pest control logo

Jordan Duhame, Euclid, Ohio







Lodestar Visions:  Professional Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Professional Graphic Designer & Illustrator Kristen Stuart
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Lodestar Visions:  Visit this website and view some of the talents and capabilities of Kristen E. Stuart and others, from business applications to icons to logos and work in other mediums. Click on the Lodestar Visions logo above to visit her website.


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Jessica Calderwood, Professional Artist



Jessica Calderwood, Artist





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 Jessica Calderwood, Master of Fine Arts


Associate Professor of Art, Metals
Ball State University

Click here to visit - Professional Artist...







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Short Stories



Don Calderwood, Short Story Writer



Short Stories


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Looking for an incredibly good commercial printer?


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Kramer Printing


Mentor, Ohio


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Freedom of Speech


“Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet deprecate agitation, are men who want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the roar of its many waters.” 

- - Frederick Douglass



Stop Censorship, Stop Internet Censorship


Free Speech on line      The First Amendment to the Constitution, the most basic of rights, is the right of free speech, freedom of the press. This right is under attack by our government and private groups. Censorship is manifest in our government, schools, universities, libraries, and our press. It is obvious. Stop all censorship. Face the fact that when censorship exists, regardless of motive, freedom ends - that is "your freedom," so make no mistake about it.



NCAC                     Free Expression Network


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All About Copyright


Follow these links for reference, or go to any search engine and search:  copyright law. The link is the U.S. Government. The "Brief Intro..." is an excellent FAQ on copyright.

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U.S. Copyright Office


CLEAR SUMMARY:  A Brief Intro to Copyright -


10 Big Myths about copyright explained


Some Observations on Copyright Law


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Painesville - Lake County, Ohio - Midwest USA
(Cleveland East - Painesville, Mentor, and Concord Ohio areas)


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