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What it's all about... communication.


If your promotional and other materials seem lackluster and unexciting, and you think they possibly create:

…a failure to communicate…”

then you have a serious problem…,

but you’re on a website that offers you creative solutions. Act to change and make a difference in your results? Sure, but first, more below…

Producing Quality

Our goal is to create assets for our clients’ products, services, and/or innovations through provision of high quality materials that “work.” Communication – it matters! We take pride in providing quality services and materials along with exceptional customer service every single day. When you’re a client, we’re absolutely here for you. We listen. We learn. We respond. We deliver.

Deeply Experienced
Service Providers

The professionals of Hawkeye Services work as a team to exceed clients’ expectations. We have decades of high-level experience helping businesses and organizations communicate efficiently and productively to the groups and markets that are critical to them and their success. When you’re a client, we’re absolutely here for you. We listen. We learn. We respond. We deliver.

Donald S. Calderwood is an experienced writer and producer with a B.A. Degree, Sociology, English, and continuing education ranging from Group Process Skills to Sales Management to Website Creation and Management from AT&T. He has over 25 years experience with Hawkeye Services and has earned a good number of awards for client materials, from brochures to websites to newsletters.

Kristen E. Stuart is degreed in Graphic Design and Illustration. With 20+ years of creative experience, her background and credentials include 7 years as an Adjunct Professor of Graphic Design and Illustration at Cuyahoga Community College. She has significant graphic design experience in both corporate and institutional settings, as well as awards. A consummate professional, see more about Kristen and her work: Kristen’s design website, Lodestar Visions

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