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pen, brochure comment in client letter  Client Letter

"It is our pleasure to endorse your services to our company. The brochures, letterhead, and newsletters
 that you have produced for us exceeded any expectations that we had.
We've had nothing but compliments on the quality and content of our brochure and newsletters."

- - G. Oesch, Pres.,  Sales, Installation, and  Service Co.

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3 National Awards for brochures/booklets for a Client of Hawkeye Services
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pen, brochure items in client letter  Client Letter

"We have gained national recognition in our field, won awards for some of our end-user literature, and continue to move up  in the national rankings..."

- - J. Osborne, VP & Gen. Manager,
national wholesale service firm

Letter on file


pen, client letter on brochure  Client Letter

"I just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate the fine work you've done for us. The brochure you designed and produced, from scratch, is nothing less than a first class job at an excellent price. Thank you. Your advice in every area we've discussed, even though you're not an expert in our field, has been right on target.
In fact, your creativity is evident in everything you've done, from logos to letters."

- - P. Gray, CEO, professional service firm

Letter on file


Commtrol brochureExperienced brochure writer, designer - layout, copywriting, images, through printing or display


Types of brochures

  • Company

  • Organizational

  • Event

  • Product, Service, or Capabilities Brochures

Brochure writer, designer for brochures for:

  • Companies

  • Organizations

  • Associations

  • Non-profits


Greystone capabilities brochure

Looking for a freelance brochure writer, copywriter, producer, designer? Success is yours. Welcome...

Alarm response in a disaster 
Brochure Objectives


A brochure starts with objectives - it's not an end in itself. What do you want to accomplish? A well done brochure can be a veritable workhorse, helping you to accomplish your mission, objectives, and goals, by communicating through text and  images, colors and paper. Tangibly, it delivers a "feel." A brochure can work hard for you and over a relatively long period, delivering on your objectives if it is done well. However, this ONLY happens when a brochure is done well.

You must avoid negatives in writing or designing a brochure. The negatives are when a brochure:

  • has spelling or grammar errors;

  • has writing that is geared above the audience comprehension level (a  Flesch-Kincaid Scale score that is too high);

  • badly done images that are skewed, off, blurred, stretched, inappropriate to the message that should be communicated;

  • uses colors incorrectly, when colors clash, detract from the message or are in conflict with it, organizational identity is not followed or in conflict;

  • when the writing is unclear or confusing, convoluted, off the mark, in an inappropriate style, inappropriately esoteric or filled with jargon;

  • when the printing isn't sharp and the paper is marginal, wrong for the image and message, the folds off the mark, creases resulting from lack of scoring or incorrect scoring and folding;

To avoid these negatives and the negative consequences that result, hire a professional to write, edit, and produce a quality brochure.

OBJECTIVES:  Examples of objectives below might be for a sales company, so apply the ideas creatively to your organization if it is not. An effective brochure helps you to meet objectives in myriad ways. What are the objectives?

  • Communicate. You already know the reasons to do this.

  • Build a more positive image for your company, products, and services.   

  • Keep your name in front of customers and selected prospects.

  • Develop interest in add-ons, upgrades, added services and products, new products or services.

  • Introduce new ideas, new applications, and new methods.

  • Remind them of all your products or services; memories are short. Cross selling.

  • Gain an edge over competitors.

  • Show customers how to get the most from your services and people.

  • Solve recurring problems in your customers use of your services, prevent problems, or deal with them effectively.

  • Help to increase your customer retention by communicating effectively.

  • Add to your selling arsenal.

  • Give a boost to the many different facets of your organization.



Multi-fold horizontal, Offset System, cover, click image


Offset brochure, cover


Offset System, first fold open, below, click image


Offset brochure, open


Offset System, second fold, fully open, below, click image

Offset brochure, full open



Wild One brochure




Those are a few examples.


And do you know the single most important aspect of a brochure, where the most thought, care, and time should be spent to get the most impact for your objectives?

How may I help you?

Please contact me me to help you achieve your objectives by using brochures effectively. For more information on brochures and for ALL Contact INFO, click here > MORE on brochures



Chamber of Commerce brochure











Radio transmission brochure


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(logo) Hawkeye Services, copywriters, editors,  graphic designers, marketing support, logos, brochures, newsletters, advertising, websites,  Ohio
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Don Calderwood

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